The Best Sideboards for Space

Sideboards are a functional and straightforward way to create beautiful spaces. The choice of the right sideboard for you can be a little intimidating, but here is a simple guide to help you make the right decision:


There are different styles of sideboards available depending on the user’s preference. Some are higher than others, and each type creates a different aesthetic in space. In smaller areas, lower sideboards are better to avoid making the space look cramped. If you have a large room, you can consider a taller sideboard piece that can serve as a statement piece while providing additional storage. Width is also essential as it determines whether the sideboard will fit in its intended space and how much it can accommodate. It is best to measure your space before settling on any sideboard or customize one.


You can find a modern sideboard in different materials like other furniture pieces. These include hardwoods, softwoods, artificial wood, cardboard, rattan and more. The best choice to consider is a hardwood sideboard that is durable and sustainable. It might be the more expensive choice but will serve you longer than other alternatives. It does not mean that other modern sideboards are not helpful; softwood is also an alternative to consider. It is more affordable, and the best part is that a sideboard made of softwood will be lighter, hence easier to move around. You can also combine two materials such as softwood and rattan, improving the aesthetic and making your piece look appealing.


You can choose from a wide range of side board styles to suit your needs. For example, you can get one with sliding doors, open shelving with no doors, taller legs versus shorter legs, one with drawers and more. If you have limited space, sliding doors would be best, but you can also choose this style for the aesthetic, even if you have a larger space. If the theme in your space is more Scandinavian, taller sideboard legs would best suit this aesthetic. Tylko has various units that cater to each style ( If you prefer to custom make your sideboard, you can choose your style and add more features. For example, a sideboard in the dining room can have a compartment with wine bottle holders for wine storage.


Most sideboards come in the natural color of the wood used to make the piece. However, this should not restrict you from experimenting with other choices of colors. You can find a white sideboard on display in most stores because it is one of the most sought alternatives. You can purchase a simple sideboard and repaint it to your preferred color. A blue sideboard or an olive-green sideboard would stand out as an accent piece in a room, improving the overall esthetic without doing too much. You can also stick to the wooden aesthetic but achieve different wood shades using varnish or wood stain.